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Conga Party

Everybody’s jumping in line for our latest game: Conga Party. Featuring five reels and 30 lines, plus a mystery bonus with jungle beat progressives, it’s our wildest winning experience yet.

Geckos Gone Wild

Geckos Gone Wild is a game of mythic proportions, with five reels and 20 lines giving players an arsenal of free spins and other bonuses to take on the trickster god Kokopelli. Big payouts and a distinctive art style have made this game a mainstay of our casino floor.

Monkey in the Bank

Everybody’s going bananas over Monkey in the Bank. This whimsical game pits players against a mischievous monkey across five reels and 20 lines of moneymaking mayhem. Players can score big and even double their payout, with up to 60 retriggerable free spin bonuses.

Quick Hit

Quick Hit remains one of our most popular games. Its five reels and 30 lines are filled with crisp graphics, classic icons and huge payouts. Jackpots can be triggered on any of the five reels, and bonus rounds can add a progressive jackpot to your winnings.

So Hot

If you can’t take the heat, then stay away from So Hot. With five reels and 20 lines of scorching hot action, it’s been a crowd favorite since it first hit the casino. This game keeps players on their toes with hot bonus features like free spins and multiple wins.

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